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Who we are

We are a couple and also co-pwners and yes, we fight and are opposite in many ways...

Which also helped us grow this project!

Rui is more quiet and organised, he is also good with numbers and great with sales and clients. Charlie is more the chaotic kind of creative one, pretty loud and terrible with sales, but I am very good dealing with workers.

Charlie is Spanish and Rui is Portuguese, Charlie lived in many places around the globe and randomly stopped in Baleal that now can say that is her home.

We started very small (still are) but we are very committed to growing organically and not loose the essence on the way.

We like to travel around Portugal to meet new people, to see who they work, to find small factories and deadstock fabrics.





Why Big Raven

Big Raven name came inspired from an tribal legend who talked about a men that saved a whale.


Inuit is the name of the tribe, they are a group of culturally similar indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and Alaska.

The legend

One day Big Raven finds a stranded whale.

Wanting to save the whale Big Raven asks the Great Spirit for help.

The Great Spirit told Big Raven that if he wanted to help the stranded whale he must go to a place in the forest where the moonlight fell in a special way.

Once there he would find special mushrooms that if eaten would grant him the strength to carry the whale back to the ocean.

Big Raven agreed and followed the Great Spirit advice, went to the forest and ate the mushrooms.

Once he was done he came back to the stranded whale and brought it back to the ocean.



What we do


This garment is designed and handmade in Portugal. Our production are all manufactured in a small family business supporting local made products.

We want our business to have a low impact on the environment so all our products are produced using upcycled materials to minimize waste and reduce exceed of production.

Reduce our ecological footprint using materials recycled or upcycled manufactured here in Portugal.

When you purchase one of our products you are also taking a step further to preserve the environment as our commitment is donate 5% of benefits to conservation projects, now for which poncho you buy we plan a tree. Thanks to Ecologi.  

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